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Best Wine Bars in the World – Vine Vera Reviews

Picture of a glass of wine with the bar in the background.

If you’re really thinking about enjoying a glass of wine to its fullest, drink it like the pros do. Have a sip of your wine and imagine its taste, take a bite of your food and think about how it tastes. Finally, have another sip of your wine and let the flavors linger onto each other. If your food and wine have been paired to perfection, this is one experience that is very difficult to replicate. This is why you need to visit some of the greatest wine bars in the world, bars that are not only famous for their fantastic wine collections, but are equally popular for their outstanding food pairings. Vine Vera examines some of the best wine bars in the world below.

Cork Wine Bar, Washington, D.C., USA
The Cork Wine Bar is considered to be one of the hottest wine bars in the country. Located at stone’s throw distance from the White House and the Capitol, this destination is where most of the go-to men and women of the Obama administration meet and greet each other outside work. It is run by a couple and features a fascinating menu of old world and small estate wines. With a menu that boasts of 40 wines by the glass and 300 wines by the bottle, you can truly delight your wine buds with all sorts of flavors and profiles. The personalized descriptions added to each wine’s flavor profile helps in making the right selection.

Oeno Wine Bar, Dubai
The Oeno Wine Bar is located in Dubai Westin. This airy wine bar is famous as an extravagant temperature controlled cave that offers selections of more than 400 wines and 60 cheeses. The Wine Wall is also known to be an integral part of the bar’s décor and style.

Gordon’s Wine Bar, London, England
Any list of the top wine bars in the world can never be complete without mentioning the oldest wine bar in London. The Gordon’s opened its doors in the year 1890 and has managed to enjoy a rich and colorful history ever since. Very little has changed here over the past 125 years and its wooden walls are still covered with posters and newspaper cuttings from another era. Old wine kegs, grandfather clocks and vintage tills are other highlights at Gordon’s Wine Bar. You might find cobweb cloaked champagne bottles here and there, but take nothing away from the charcuterie plates, tapas and cheese platters or the fantastic selection of wines that are served here.

Oeno, Brussels, Belgium
Oeno is the typical Brussels institution. It features a delightful selection of sparkling wines and old world wines with an ever-changing menu that comprises of heavyweights from all over the world. The bar is located close to one of the most beautiful architectural wonders in the city, the Church of Trinity. Despite its historic appeal, it exudes a modernist vibe, a trendy atmosphere and modern furnishings. This wine bar is always full of students and EU officials and this means that you have cheaper offerings as well as extravagantly priced wines to choose from.

Covell, Los Angeles, USA
Covell is famous for attracting LA’s rich and famous on a daily basis. Wine enthusiasts from all walks of life like to gather at Covell for a round of drinks and lively discussions with the bartenders.  The show is run by award-winning sommelier Matthew Kaner and Dustin Lancaster. What makes Covell so unique is that it doesn’t have a traditional menu. Choose from more than 150 wines by the glass and treat your taste buds to some of the most exquisite wine and food pairings.

Les Fines Gueules, Paris, France
Located very close to the Louvre, Les Fines Gueles is a mini wine bar that sources its menu from some of the best producers in the city. The organic and natural wine list and delicious meals are the biggest highlights here, but the 18th century stone house in which the bar is located certainly adds to the atmosphere and charm. 

The Curtain Club, Berlin, Germany
The Curtain Club is one of the first stops for wine lovers visiting Berlin. This luxurious bar is located in the Ritz-Carlton Postdamer Platz Hotel and boasts of a traditional interior that resembles one of those Gentlemen’s Clubs of the 1920s. A working fireplace, huge curtains and leather seats complete the décor and the live jazz music helps to create a relaxed ambience for the perfect wine drinking experience. The curtains open at the stroke of 18.00 every day in a ceremonious manner by a British Beefeater, and this itself is one of the biggest attractions here.