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Where to Travel to Try Great Wine – Vine Vera Reviews

Wine is one of those things in life that gives people an appreciation for the finer things in life. For those who love wine and drink it on a regular basis, they may be more enthusiastic about wine itself, and would be interested in learning more about the different variations, brands, where the wines come from, and taste testings. Vine Vera has put together a list of some of the most fabulous places in the world to travel to try great wine. With this, you can gain a broader understanding of the worldwide destinations you can book your next flight – and enjoy a ridiculously good, relaxing glass of wine.

Image of the chateau of the Loire Valley in France.

Loire Valley, France
The Loire Valley in France encompasses the country’s finest wine region, situated along the Loire River in the Muscadet region, where some of the world’s finest white, dessert, and sweet wines are crafted from Chenin Blanc, Cabernet franc, Pinot Noir grape varieties and more. This gorgeous valley has picturesque views, gorgeous architecture, a long history, and many picture taking opportunities. If you are looking for a quiet, yet peaceful and relaxing vacation away from home – and are a sweet or white wine enthusiast – opt for the Loire Valley.

Image of breathtaking landscapes in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is unlike any other place in Italy. This place has unmatchable, breathtaking architecture, scenery, and wine tasting opportunities. In this place, old, unoccupied castles are turned into wineries, where the finest Aleatico, Canaiolo Nero, Colorino, and Ciliegiolo grape varieties are grown and harvested by the droves, and are still to this day turned to wine in the old world way. Tuscany is filled with the opportunity to experience a wine tour, wine tastings, and even get hitched. Marriages and vow renewals abound in this gorgeous region, and are largely popular among many Europeans as well as those traveling from other parts of the world. Culinary opportunity in the form of cooking classes are offered throughout the region of Tuscany, and are a favorite among visitors. Tuscany is an experience like none other, and is definitely a romantic way to taste some of the finest wines Italy has to offer.

Beautiful picture of grapes and autumn leaves in Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California
Napa Valley, California is located in the San Francisco Bay area, and boasts some of the United States’ finest wineries, wine cellars, bike tours, wine tastings, and scenery. The beautiful rolling hills and resorts, as well as the hot air balloon tours, make this wine region one of the most unique in the country. Praised for its many wine varieties and grape variations, Napa Valley truly is a wine lover’s dream. Many couples opt to hold their wedding nuptials and renewals in this fairytale-like region due to the beauty surrounding them in its natural form. This is a fantastic getaway for those seeking a laid back environment that’s close to home. With many resorts on location, it’s easy to find a place to fit your particular desires and needs.

Scenic picture of a vineyard in Barossa Valley, Australia with stormy sunset background.

Barossa Valley, Australia
The Barossa Valley in Australia is the largest wine region in Australia itself. Only 60 km from Adelaide, one of the largest cities in Australia, it is easily accessible and there are many ways in which to get there. This wine region is one of the most popular destinations in the country, due to the spectacular wine and grape varieties mass produced in the region.

With over 150 wineries in this region alone, this area offers a multitude of opportunity for wine tastings and tours. A great majority of the local population is employed at one of the many wineries. There are an estimated 750 grape growing families that live within the region. Not only is the delicious wine of Australia wonderful for the palate, it is also good for the economy in the general area due to mass employment opportunities. The Barossa Valley is extremely picturesque, with rolling hills, water, and architecture to behold. There are many area attractions pertaining to wine to indulge oneself in, and this makes for a much broader experience for the visitors to this area.

Vine Vera hopes you have enjoyed this article, and have found the inspiration to plan your next vacation – paired with a wine tasting at a world class winery.