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Vine Vera on Top Travel Destinations for Over 40s – VineVera Reviews

Traveling is one of life’s most sought after pleasures. Whether you are a married, a couple, or single, there are plenty of fantastic travel destinations provided throughout this big, wide world we live in that can give you various options based upon the locations that interest you. If you are the type that enjoys lounging on a beach with a tropical drink, there are plenty of locations that offer this. If you would rather be high in the mountains, climbing your way to victory, there are many locations that offer this as well. From cruises, to plane rides, these destinations are only a little while away.

For couples over 40, you can find some of the top travel destinations below. Following is a list of some of the most spectacular spots for singles over 40.

Mature couple examining a map while traveling on vacation

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
The best hotel to stay in while in Playa del Carmen for couples over 40 is the IberoStar Grand Paraiso Hotel. This beautifully constructed, beautifully located hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico has all of the things a couple over 40 could want and more! With it’s gorgeous beaches, fantastic amenities – and your own personal butler – this is a trip well worth taking. There are many restaurants, many national and international snacks and delicacies, 24 hour room service, and many clubs to experience nightlife and excitement, this resort location is safe, secure, fun and exciting for an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you plan on just getting away to soak up some rays, or to spend time alone – just the two of you – in your luxury suite, you will be thoroughly satisfied with your stay at this IberoStar Hotel.

Girdwood, Alaska
If you are seeking a ski adventure, Girdwood offers just that – and plenty of beautiful scenery to keep you at peace, relaxed, and rejuvenated. If you are ready for a fun ride down some steep slopes, the resorts offered in Girdswood can’t be beat. This town was famous for its gold mining start, and is now famous for being the number one ski resort as reported by National Geographic in the world. With Anchorage, the capital of Alaska, situated only 45 minutes away, you are close to the city and all you could want in terms of shopping, nightlife, eats, and more. This fantastic location will be just what the doctor ordered for a 40 something couple looking to get away from it all, while having fun and enjoying mother-nature at her finest.

The following are two of the world’s best travel destinations for singles in their 40’s, brought to you by Vine Vera Stores.

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Italy as a whole is known to be the land of love, and you never know what romantic encounter is waiting around every corner. With all of the food, sightseeing, architecture, the aching picture opportunities, and beautiful culture, it’s a fantastic and historical place for any single to visit to get away, and even to meet some interesting people of a different culture. Although Italian is the main language, many locals have adapted to speaking some English, and are able to communicate briefly with you while on your travels. Imagine visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and even the Sistine Chapel –both best viewed in the early morning hours. With so much to see and do, you may just be glad you traveled alone – this way, nobody can argue over where you are going to go first, or what pit stops to make along the way! You can even register for an authentic Italian cooking class in Tuscany, so you can become a pro Italian chef while on your travels. Talk about a delicious trip!

New York
New York is one of the premier travel destinations in the world for many reasons. It was first the land of opportunity for so many immigrants who made their way to the Americas to find a better life. Now, it is revered as one of the top shopping capitals in the world, rich in culture, history, friendly people, and a laid back atmosphere. There is so much to do at any given time. If you enjoy theatre, why not check out a Broadway play? If you are keen on concerts, there are many happening almost every single day. There is a fantastic nightlife scene, with ample amounts of interesting people to meet. There are street vendors, offering some of the best of New York, as well as five star eateries and restaurants in which you can grab something quick, or have a gourmet sit down meal. There is so much beauty surrounding you in the big, wonderful world of New York. So much so – you just may never want to leave!