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Best Vacation for Women – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman traveling in Greece If you mention the words women and travel in the same breath, many people around the world will jump right away to attacks. But there’s more to it really. There are many destinations all over the world that are perfect for women traveling alone or in a group. There are places that offer women their type of attractions and are also known to be a safe place for them to travel to. The people here are famous for being friendly and they usually go out of their way to help out travelers. In this article, Vine Vera comes up with some of the best travel destinations for women, places that are not only safe for the perfect vacation, but also offer sights and activities that are of great interest to women.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is famous for its fascinating shopping and mind boggling architecture. The mythological story behind the creation of Denmark is perfectly portrayed by the goddess Gefjun fountain. This wonder is known to be particularly beautiful at night, when it lights up to showcase Norse history at its beautiful best. Other attractions worth checking out include the Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, National Museum of Denmark, Church of Our Savior and the Copenhagen Zoo.

Barcelona, Spain
Hasn’t Barcelona always been one of the most popular cities for women? It seems to appear on all travel lists and attract all kinds of travelers. The fascinating Gaudi, Miro and Dali wonders surely play a role in making the city appear to be exotic; but the delicious seafood, beautiful culture, exciting attractions, superb shopping and glorious locations are equally responsible for giving Barcelona that air of mystery and romance that makes it attract people from all walks of life. 

Ottawa, Canada 
Ottawa, the capital of Canada, might fade out in front of Toronto in terms of tourist popularity, but it is certainly known to be one of the best vacation spots for women. English and French both come naturally to Ottawa, so conversing with the locals really shouldn’t be a problem. Vine Vera recommends you to visit the ByWard Market while in Ottawa. This market is the oldest market in Canada and is known to attract close to 50000 visitors each weekend. The market is most famous for its handmade clothing, breads, cheese, jewelry and local produce.

Austin, Texas, USA
A trip to Austin is sure to be memorable. The East District is where you can find indie music fans hopping from one place to the other in search of the best bands while the Red River District is the perfect place to enjoy some live music and rock-and-roll karaoke. To top it all, the nightlife and cocktails found in Austin are better than most areas in the US. VineVera recommends you to stay at the W Austin, a hotel that is connected to the Austin City Limits concert venue and features a Living Room session of its own with the best local musicians every month. Needless to say, if you’re a music lover, you really must think about traveling to Austin with your besties.

Annecy, France 
France might be full of beautiful and idyllic villages, but Annecy manages to stand out among the crowd because of its breathtaking winding canals, old town arcades, old world feel, splendid natural beauty, outdoor excitement, antique markets and delightful lakefront. Located on the foot of the Alps, Annecy also offers the perfect atmosphere for one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

Woman hiking during her travelsAuckland, New Zealand
Auckland, also known as the City of Sails, is famous as a travel destination because of its fascinating beaches and the beautiful yachts that line up at its harbor. If you’re into beaches and sunbathing, the 3kms of pristine white beaches in Auckland might offer the perfect locales for a splendid holiday. VineVera recommends you to spend some time at the natural thermal springs located in the Waiwera Thermal Resort.

Maui, Hawaii, USA 
Maui is an irresistible option for any woman conscious about her fitness. From a healthy lunch of seaweed salad and tuna poke to yoga in the mornings and sunset paddles in the evening, Maui really has it all. Better yet, no gym in the world can replicate the gorgeous backdrop and enchanting locales that Maui offers to its travelers. So choose your favorite spot, bring along your fittest girlfriends and have the time of your life.

Ubud, Indonesia
Ubud is a beautiful town located in the heart of Bali. It might be a bit too touristy, but it certainly offers one of the perfect destinations for women once you do manage to get off the beaten path. The biggest charms of this delightful town are the Indonesian cuisine, the rice paddies and the breathtaking Balinese architecture. 

Las Vegas, USA
Sin City truly offers an unparalleled experience. What could be better than partying throughout the day and night, with your besties being at the center of everything. Irrespective of where your interests lie, you are sure to find something perfect in Las Vegas. What makes this city even more exciting is that you’re bound to find a number of new attractions every time you visit. Some of the top things to do in Vegas include its over-the-top wellness treatments, neon museums, ziplining, outstanding nightclubs and extravagant casinos. 

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is one of those cities that has a timeless feel to it. You can easily see the millennia go by in Istanbul with ancient attractions competing with the modern ones for your attention. The Turkish cuisine and the old world bazaars are the obvious attractions, but the remains of the great Ottoman Empire are also worth checking out. And although hard to believe, Istanbul is perfectly safe and incredibly hospitable to female travelers.