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Top New Wine Destinations – Vine Vera Reviews

Move over Napa Valley and Burgundy! These new kids on the block are sure to put many traditional wine destinations to shame.

Winter views of a vineyard in Macedonia.

Macedonia might be a tiny country in the Balkan Peninsula, but it has been famous for making some of the best wines in the world ever since the time of the great Caesar. However, the region has only recently come into the limelight as a major wine destination in the world. Vine Vera recommends you to base yourself in the beautiful Demir Kapija Village and explore the wineries nearby.

A winery in Oregon.

Oregon, USA
Oregon has certainly become popular for its coffee and jam, but it is equally famous for producing some of the best wines in the US. Yes, the Napa Valley might boast of having greater popularity, but Oregon doesn’t pale out in any aspect. From breathtaking wineries and exciting wine tours to outstanding accommodations and award-winning chefs, this region truly has it all.

Jura Mountains
The Jura Mountains wines are becoming popular all over the world because of the unique flavors that the limestone-rich terrain and extreme climatic conditions bring about. The red wine tastes more like strawberries whereas white wine is famous for its smoky flavors. Both are also known to pair well with the Comte fondue, a local delicacy. The best accommodation option in the region is to rent one of those beautiful rental cottages.

Breathtaking views of a vineyard in Alentejo, Portugal.

Alentejo, Portugal
Alentejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also famous as one of the most respected wine regions in the country. It boasts of breathtaking natural beauty, exciting vineyards and a modern wine bar as well. VineVera recommends you to stay at the L’And Vineyards Resort. The resort is home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, beautiful rooms and a super-luxurious spa.

Verde Valley, Arizona, USA
The Verde Valley is another US wine destination that is giving the traditional heavyweights immense competition in terms of popularity. The region is home to a number of popular vineyards such as the Page Springs Cellars and the Echo Canyon Winery. Vine Vera recommends you to stay at the L’Auberge de Sedona, a cozy hotel that treats you to delightful rooms which feature outdoor showers, terraces overlooking the Red Rocks and fireplaces.

Been to any of these new wine destinations recently? Leave your comments below to let Vine Vera know more about your wine holiday experiences.