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View of Lake Mead

Escape To Lake Mead From Las Vegas

Let’s say you’re looking to get out into the fresh air and experience nature. If you’re either living in or visiting Las Vegas, one fabulous option is to check out Lake Mead which is the largest reservoir in the United States. You’re looking at a distance of around 31-miles between the two points and you could get there in less than an hour. So what exactly are some of your options for getting to Lake Mead from Las Vegas?

If you’re going to experience Las Vegas and Lake Mead – two incredible locales – within the same day, one of the best views you can get of both is from the air. You’ll also be able to get great views of the Hoover Dam. Granted, taking a helicopter is an expensive option, but just think of the gorgeous pictures you could get while in the air. It’s a whole different viewpoint than what you would see from the ground.

Lake Mead

First trip to Las Vegas and Lake Mead? Maybe it’s not but you just feel like riding in luxury like you so very much deserve. Consider treating yourself to a limo ride from Las Vegas to Lake Mead. Whether you rent the limo for the day or a few hours, it’s a fantastic way to view the sights. This option will also give you the chance to get out and walk around or just stay in the limo and enjoy the sights that way.

You’ll have to drive to the Lake Mead area from Las Vegas, but once you’re there, it’s time to hit the water. You can take a cruise on Lake Mead whether you just want to do some sightseeing or you’d like to have some food and beverages as well. Taking a cruise is a chance to be privy to some exquisite views, so don’t forget to bring your camera for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Driving to Lake MEad
Who’s ready for a road trip? Whether you rent a car or you bring your own, taking a road trip from Las Vegas to Lake Mead can be a memorable experience. You can stop the car whenever you desire whether it’s to grab some food, go into a store, or just to get out and enjoy the sights. You can take your road trip for as little or as long as you desire without worrying about having to stop or be somewhere at a certain time, and you’re sure to get some great pictures along the way.

When it comes to figuring out what option you should go with when you’re going from Las Vegas to Lake Mead, the first step should be deciding what your budget is then doing your research into the options you’re considering to see how much each would cost for the time and day you’d like to go. Lastly, before you make your reservations, don’t forget to do your research on the company so you can get some insight as to what past customers have had to say.