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Exploring Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney

Set less than two hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a mountain range in New South Wales in Australia, and it’s so large it stretches over 4,402-square-miles. This vast area features waterfalls, numerous forms of flora and fauna, exquisite scenery, a plethora of activities to do, the Blue Gum Forest, and of course, the Blue Mountains National Park. There’s a lot of land to explore, so how are you supposed to get as much done as possible? Check out the following ways that you can explore The Blue Mountains.

One of the best ways to explore the Blue Mountains is by bushwalking. There are numerous tracks and trails to tackle that range from the easy to the super challenging. You can read all about the different bushwalking tracks and trails here, including about their grade and how easy or difficult they are to complete. It’s important to plan in advance so you have an idea of whether or not you feel a particular option is best for you before you actually take it. Take note that temperatures can change depending on where you go and how long you’re walking around, so it’s a good idea to bring a few different pieces of clothing that you can layer just in case.

Scenic cable in Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney

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Scenic Cableway
If you’re interested in seeing the Blue Mountains from above, you can do so thanks to the Scenic Cableway that takes you 510-metres through the area via a cable car that offers unobstructed views. You’ll be able to get a good look at Katoomba Falls, Orphan Rock, Three Sisters, and Mt. Solitary. From the bottom, you can walk the Scenic Walkway, and the cable car also takes visitors back up. It can carry a total of 84 passengers at a time. More information on the journey as well as ticketing information can be found here on the Scenic World site.

Scenic Railway
So maybe you’re looking for something a little different from the aforementioned cable car. How about a passenger railway that’s the steepest in the world and offers a 52-degree incline? You can even adjust your own seat position. It takes you through a cliff-side tunnel where you’ll end up on the floor of an ancient rainforest. The journey one way is 310-metres, and just like the cable car, it accommodates 84 passengers. You can discover more about the Scenic Railway here on the Scenic World site.

The World Heritage listed site is ideal for all those who are looking to get more in touch with the great outdoors and all the wonder it can offer. In addition to the aforementioned, there are also quite a few tours that you can look into taking through the area. If you’re interested in visiting the Blue Mountains in Sydney, prepare yourself for quite the outdoor experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. Temperatures can range depending on when you go, so make sure to peruse through the climate section of so you can plan your trip ahead of time and be able to pack accordingly.