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Foods For a Summer Road Trip

Women eating in a car on a road trip

When it comes to taking your summer road trip, there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to forget: the snacks! It can keep the energy levels up and the moods happy and it can also help you save money rather than stopping constantly every time someone starts getting hungry. Need some suggestions for what to bring? The following are some great summer road trip food ideas that can appeal to everyone.

Fruit and Cheese
Fruit and cheese go perfectly together and they’re healthy. They’re also filling, so while they’ll satisfy cravings, they can also fit into a small cooler. Consider getting cheese sticks so they’re even easier to pack and manage as well as grapes as they’re unlikely to get your hands sticky and you can eat them with ease.

Oatmeal and berries

Oatmeal Energy Bites
The mornings can be rough, especially if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, so it’s especially important to start the day off with a good breakfast. Consider bringing oatmeal energy bites on your summer road trip. They’re incredibly easy to make, require only a handful of ingredients (honey, rolled oats, chocolate chips, etc), they’re delicious, and they’ll travel well. The energy bites are also easy to eat so they won’t create much of a mess.

Celery and Peanut Butter
There’s a reason so many love taking celery and peanut butter on summer road trips. Like the other foods mentioned, they travel well, they’re delicious, and they’re easy to fit in a compact container. You can even pack both of them together in the same container since you’re going to be dipping one into the other anyway. For a little extra sweetness, throw in some mini chocolate chips.

Vegetable Potato Chips
You can either make them yourself or purchase them, but know that vegetable potato chips are really easy to make and you can control what you put on them and what you make them out of. They’ll also be great for kids who love snacking on potato chips.

Roasted Chickpea

Roasted Chickpeas
Roasted chickpeas are delicious and you can season them however you desire. You can even make them in a toaster oven! They’re a good source of protein and satisfy cravings, but considering how small they are, you’re going to want to put them in a container with a small opening and a lid so they don’t get everywhere.

Ranch Crackers
Sure, plain crackers are great, but ranch crackers can be even better. You can use whatever small, plain crackers you like and they’re going to appeal to both kids and adults. All you have to do is blend ranch dressing mix with some vegetable oil, mix it together thoroughly with the crackers, then bake the crackers until they’re golden brown.

Now, as great as it is to bring food for a summer road trip, make sure to stop at some restaurants along the way. It’ll give you a chance to try some spots that you’ve never been to and may not be able to experience again for awhile. You’ll also want to bring plenty of water and other beverages so you stay hydrated and won’t find yourself having to stop every time you get thirsty.