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Hiking in the UK

Tips for Choosing a Summer Hiking Destination in the UK

If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom this summer or you’re already there and looking to take a hiking trip, you certainly have plenty of options. The UK, which is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is rich in history and beauty, so a hike is a perfect way to take it all in while learning along the way. It’s also a great opportunity to clear your mind and get in touch with nature. However, with all the hiking opportunities, how are you supposed to decide which destinations to put on your summer list, especially towards the top to consider first? The following are some tips for how you can go about it.

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Consider Your Hiking Level
There are plenty of hikes in the UK for those at every level whether you’re a beginner hiker, intermediate, or advanced. Another option is to find a hiking destination that incorporates all three. For example, hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail allows for a little of each over its 186-miles if you break the hike up into smaller sections.

Do Your Research
Doing your research is absolutely essential when you’re planning on choosing a summer hiking destination in the UK. One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to make a list with questions that you apply to each destination you’re considering. You could include questions such as what is the terrain like, how many miles is it, what gear do I need, and how long is the hike going to take.

Ben A'an, Loch Katrina, Highlands, Scotland,

Look Up the Destination
Did you know that you could use Google Street View to get a gander at some of the hiking destinations in the UK before you visit? It’s one thing to look at pictures, but it’s another when you can actually work your way along the path that you could be taking this summer. It gives you a good feel of the area even when you can’t be there just yet.

Consider the Distance
There are long summer hikes that you can take in the UK or ones that you can complete in mere hours, and then there are also those, such as the Pennine Way National Trail, that could be done in increments if you so choose. For example, going the whole way could take you upwards of three weeks to do the 268-miles or you could just hike some of it.

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Get Your Gear
For your summer hike in the UK, you’re going to need quite a bit of gear including food, water, a map, the appropriate clothing and footwear, backpack, and camping supplies just to name some of the items. You never want to be unprepared, so when you research your destination, make a checklist to plan accordingly.

One last tip we’re going to recommend is to speak with your doctor. Before you dismiss the idea, think about how important it is to be in good health while you’re hiking, especially if you’re going to rather remote areas. It’s important to know—and acknowledge—your limitations. You want to make sure it’s safe for you to take the hikes you’re considering before you actually go. Getting a physical will take little time but could allow you to ease your mind and provide you with some answers.