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Viewing Portland’s Natural Wildflower Patches

Nature is absolutely fascinating, and it’s amazing how it can be so beautiful that it could take your breath away. When you go to Portland, you can’t help but marvel at how incredible it is, and the natural wildflower patches only add to the beauty. Not only can seeing them in person help connect you more to nature, but you can also get some wonderful pictures in the process. With that said, let’s discuss how you can view some of Portland’s natural wildflower patches once spring rolls around.

Take a Hike
There are so many places to go for a hike in Portland if you want to see the natural wildflower patches. For example, you could head over to Tryon Creek State Park and many other areas and do some exploring. Depending on where you go, the hike could range anywhere from super easy to difficult, so make sure to do your research on the particular hike you’re interested in before you head out. Don’t forget to take some precautions just in case, such as bringing a first aid kit and a portable power bank and letting people know where you’re planning on going.

Drive Around
While you’re going to find many of the best wildflower patches going on planned hikes, there’s nothing wrong with a little spontaneity. Take a drive around, look at the scenery, stop at random spots, and see what you come up with. Portland is so beautiful it would undoubtedly be a fantastic way to spend a day.

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Take a Tour
Did you know that there are tours that you can take if you want to explore the natural wildflower patches in Portland? All you’ll usually need is comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes and you’re all set. Before you book the tour and hand over your money, check that the business has a good reputation.

Take a Helicopter Tour
Since there are so many natural wildflower patches around Portland, you may want to consider trying to see some of them by air via a helicopter tour. There are businesses that allow you to request a customized tour, so all you have to do is tell them what you want to see and where and ask if they’ll be able to accommodate you. It’s one thing to see the gorgeous wildflowers from the ground, but it’s another thing to view them from the air. As with the hiking tour, make sure to do your research on the business to make sure it’s one you want to give your money to.

While you should do your research on the best spots to view Portland’s natural wildflower patches before you take your trip, don’t hesitate to talk to the locals once you get there. They’re the best ones to point you in the right direction considering it’s their own backyard. You may even be able to learn about special spots that aren’t widely known about. It’s sure to be a vacation you won’t soon forget.