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Buckingham palace gardens

Can’t Miss London’s Spring Gardens

One of the best aspects of spring in London is the gorgeous flowers that start to make an appearance in gardens across the city. Walking through and admiring the natural beauty while a light floral scent wafts through the air is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With so many exquisite gardens located in and near London, how are you supposed to decide which ones you should visit? While you could visit all of them if you so desire, the following can be some great ones to start with.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Located on over 300 acres is the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From learning about the different plants and visiting the galleries to grabbing food at the restaurants and going for a leisurely stroll, there is so much to keep you entertained. There are also plenty of events to attend including the 2017 Orchids Festival.

Charlton House Peace Garden
Located on Charlton Road in London is the Charlton House Peace Garden which was opened in honor of the Amnesty International Stop Violence Against Women Campaign in 2006. It’s a lovely, tranquil area that sits next to two additional walled gardens: the Sensory Garden and the Pond Garden. With so much beauty to look at, it’s no surprise as to why it attracts visitors.


Buckingham Palace Garden
You can find a variety of different trees and plants at the Buckingham Palace Garden, including the Rose Garden, and during the summer, parts of it are opened to the public for a tour. In the garden are a cafe as well as a gift shop that visitors are welcome to stop at. The tour is part of The State Rooms and Garden Highlights Tour where ticket prices vary depending on age.

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
This Japanese garden located in Holland Park was donated in 1991 by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto as a way to celebrate the 1992 Japan Festival in London. Don’t forget to take time to stop and admire the beauty of the pond and the waterfall. It’s a lovely place to visit on a spring day when you just want to get away from it all.

Chelsea Physic Garden
Established in 1673, the Chelsea Physic Garden was initially known as the Apothecaries’ Garden but it wasn’t until 1983 when it was open to the public. They feature one of the largest displays of medicinal plants in the world. They’re only open Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm with the shop and cafe open during the same hours.

Keep in mind when you’re visiting one of the aforementioned gardens or one of the many others that are set in or near London, it’s important to verify information before you go. For example, always check to make sure that they’re open on the day and at the time you would like to go. The last thing you want is to be excited about a peaceful day amongst greenery only to find that it won’t be able to happen.