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Easter Celebrations Around the World – Vine Vera Reviews

Easter eggs in a beautiful background.

Easter is a widely celebrated Christian faith Holiday, in which people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his Crucifixion. Join Vine Vera as we explore the many diverse ways in which the Easter Holiday is celebrated worldwide, including customs, traditions, and celebrations.

United States
Throughout America, there stands a diverse and multicultural religious group. Some have Christian belief systems, others are Jewish or even Muslim. Some are Agnostic, or even atheist. Easter is typically celebrated by those of the Christian denominations due to the reason for the Holiday – which is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead three days after the Holy Crucifixion. In the United States, Easter Egg hunts are commonplace among children and families, where plastic eggs are filled with candy and hidden for the children to find. Easter church services are held early in the morning with the rising of the sun, to commemorate the rising of Jesus. Traditional family dinners are usually prepared in which families eat a meal consisting of ham, vegetables, and desserts. Sports are sometimes part of a traditional family holiday experience, with games like backyard soccer, football, or baseball taking place before dinner. Many people go to church for Easter Sunday sunrise services to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after his death.

In Argentina, Easter is celebrated with much different tradition than how it is celebrated within the United States. The Argentinians commemorate the holiday with Carnival, where people dress up in their best clothes, women wearing long, flowing skirts and painting their faces with corn starch and water, and ceremonial traditions taking place such as the touching of dolls to the forehead of mothers and daughters. This is done to create a lifelong bond between the two that only death can separate. There are feasts, parties, and dancing, and lots of music played on ukulele. People tend to give eggs to others as a symbol of new life and rebirth.

Though there aren’t many people in the country of China who follow the Christian faith, as most people in the country are Buddhist and Taoists, there are many who have different belief systems throughout the country as well. Easter is celebrated, even by non-Christians, in China by giving boiled eggs to those they love, admire, and care about which in their culture symbolizes health, fertility, and prosperity. 

Many people from around the world and Jews alike have a yearly tradition of traveling the roads in which Jesus walked, following in precession of a priest, where they journey to the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest, and miraculously rose again. From there, they travel on foot to Golgotha, the hill where Jesus’ crucifixion was said to have taken place. After that, the crowd enters into a church where every person within lights a candle and it illuminates the entire building. This is how most of the people in Jerusalem spend Easter. It is important to note, however, that Christians celebrate Easter at a different time frame than do the Orthodox Christians, who celebrate the holiday two weeks later.

The tradition of eating ham on Easter, as is done in the United States, actually began in England where this tradition is still practiced today. There are dancers, known as the Morris dancers, who perform through the streets on Easter, and this has been a tradition throughout hundreds of years. Pussy willow branches are picked by people of superstition. They tap each other on their foreheads with these branches as it is believed to bring luck. One of the most famous and age old traditions on Easter in England is the act of ‘lifting or heaving’. This is where a man lifts a woman in a chair that is adorned with flowers three times into the air for good luck, and in turn, she would thank the man with a kiss and money. This practice still goes on in some areas of England today. Many people attend mass or other church services to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Vine Vera wants to wish you and your family a Happy, peaceful Easter Holiday.