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Planning a trip to Miami, or maybe you live in the vibrant city and just want a fabulous night out on the town? A little upscale shopping and dining couldn't hurt. We all deserve a little luxury in our life

Featured Image Credit: Prof foto 101 / When you think of Las Vegas, you probably envision gambling and large and luxurious pools where everyone is hanging out in their bathing suits, but there are plenty of other activities that you can

If you're lucky enough to spend time in beautiful Siesta Key, even if it's for a day, you're going to want to fit in as much as possible in whatever time you have. The little island paradise that's situated right

The beautiful historic district of Panama City is Casco Viejo, which was founded in 1673, and in 1997, it was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's been experiencing a revitalization of sorts in terms of new businesses and residences

[caption id="attachment_1177" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] MR. INTERIOR /[/caption] Miami is known for breathtaking beaches, but it's also a shopping destination that will make every fashionista's heart skip a beat. Whether you want to hit up luxury stores, do some thrifting, or

Shopaholics will simply not be able to resist the charm and aura of these temples of consumer goods which not only offer a breathtaking array of brands, but also offer an amazing range of entertainment activities such as indoor resorts,

We often talk about what to do and what to see when traveling to different cities around the world. We keep seeing top 10 lists for things like destinations, attractions, restaurants and nightclubs. But what about shopping? After all, the