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Tips for Eating Your Way Through Honolulu

Honolulu isn’t just for gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, and wonderful people, you can also expect to find some fantastic food as well. Sitting down to a good meal is one of the best little pleasures in life, so why not make the most of your time in the city and see what you can enjoy? Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start; we’ve got you covered. The following are some tips that can help get you started with eating your way through Honolulu.

Be Adventurous
There is a lot of delicious food to be had in Honolulu that might not be found back where you live. Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone, be a little adventurous, and try dishes that you’ve never had before. For example, give loco moco or poke a try. Who knows, you could end up finding a new favorite food.

Get Out Into Honolulu
There’s nothing wrong with trying the restaurants on the resort property if that’s where you’re staying, but consider leaving the property and seeing what else Honolulu has to offer. There is a multitude of places where you can grab a great meal, so do a little exploring and see what you can find.

Get To know The Locals
Want to know where to get the best food in Honolulu? Find out from those who eat there Day-in and day-out. Should the opportunity present itself while you’re out and about, ask the locals you meet where they would recommend going to get some great food. Chances are you’ll be able to get at least a few recommendations.

Ask For Advice On Social Media
Considering how many people have been to, lived in, or currently reside in Honolulu, you’ll very likely be able to get a plethora of recommendations for where to go to get delicious food. There are many travel sites where you can make a post and get (updated) suggestions, or you could even post on your own social media page to get advice from those you personally know.

Make Your Reservations
Certain restaurants may not require reservations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to make them anyway. For example, the Top of Waikiki and Roy’s Waikiki are two restaurants at which you might want to make reservations ahead of time. Start by making a list of restaurants you want to visit, and if they offer the option of making reservations, consider doing so so you can ensure you get the time slot you want.

Keep in mind that the peak tourist season is during the winter months, so if that’s when you’re thinking of visiting Honolulu, you’re going to want to be even more proactive about making reservations in advance as well as trying to go to restaurants when each respective one has a higher chance of not being so busy. Lastly, before you visit any restaurant, don’t hesitate to take an extra minute or two to read online reviews (from several sources) just to get an idea of what you could be in for your dining experience.