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Top Spring Break Destinations – Vine Vera Reviews

If you’re really in need of some vitamin D, it might be time to think about taking that much-awaited  spring getaway. With March being the unofficial spring break month, thousands of travelers from all over the US have begun to book their holidays to exotic locales, exciting beach destinations and hot party destinations. To help you choose the perfect destination for the ideal spring getaway, Vine Vera has compiled a list of the top spring break destinations that are bound to offer you with an exciting break from your everyday life.

Picture of a beautiful beach in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
Acapulco might be better suited to couples, but Cancun is bound to excite all sorts of travelers. Cancun is Mexico’s Daytona Beach. It boasts of a student-friendly drinking age, exciting nightclubs and breathtaking beaches. Cancun’s beaches – with their turquoise waters and beautiful locales – are known to rank among the most exciting beach destinations on the planet. The presence of a wide range of accommodation options also ensures that holiday-goers have the perfect place to stay while in Cancun. There are hotels which cater to the party enthusiasts, hotels for couple visitors, hotels that are preferred by families and hotels that attract spring breakers with their all-inclusive packages. Irrespective of your preference or your budget, Cancun should always be able to entertain you unlike any other.

The Bahamas
The Bahamas attracts all sorts of spring breakers, right from college students to couples and families. The islands exude a laid back and relaxed vibe and offer accommodations and attractions that suit people of all ages. College students love to visit the Bahamas because of its party scene while couples can delight themselves with its relaxed vibe and cool nightlife.

Spectacular sunset city view of New York City

New York City, USA
Many of Big Apple’s undeniable charms might be off-limits for under 21s, but NYC still manages to enthrall and entertain each visitor with a wide range of restaurants, museums, bars, clubs, sights and attractions. And if you’re above the age of 21, New York can really excite and entertain you with its fascinating nightlife.

Panama City Beach, USA
If drunken slumber and loud parties aren’t your scene, think of visiting Panama City, a place that is famous for its raunchy parties and sexy gatherings. Panama City might not boast of the 34 miles of South Padre sand, but they don’t call it the Spring Break Capital of the World for nothing. Panama City offers visitors more than 80000 sq. ft. of nightclubs, exotic beach locales and sexy bikini-clad women. All these factors combine to create one of the most exciting nightlife scenes in the world. The place attracts close to 500000 coeds every spring and offers them all sorts of activities such as concerts, beaches, amusement parks, happy hours, fiery cuisines and outdoor concerts. Most of its concerts go on until 2AM and rooms typically feature fresh bedding, convenient amenities and spacious balconies with exotic gulf views.

Beautiful views of beaches and jungles in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana ranks among the best Caribbean islands for partygoers looking for a faultless spring getaway. Located on the easternmost tip of Dominican Republic, Punta Cana has gained a solid reputation because of its perfect weather, all-inclusive mega resorts, exciting beach side activities and countless swim-up bars. With spontaneous dance parties and discos being organized every other day, it really doesn’t get better than Punta Cana either.

Las Vegas, USA
Ah. Sin City. Las Vegas has always ranked among the top party destinations in the US, and it doesn’t plan to let go of its coveted crown any time soon. Over the years, Las Vegas has transformed into a major spring destination, despite its obvious lack of beaches and coastlines. What Vegas lacks in terms of beaches, it more than makes up in the form of 24×7 parties, nightclubs, replicas of exotic faraway destinations and poolside debauchery. People have a wide array of options that cater to the classy and the trashy, and there’s you’re never found wanting for anything while in Vegas. VineVera recommends you to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a hotel that is considered to be one of the most party-centric destinations in Vegas. After all, isn’t that what spring is all about.

People having fun in Ocean Drive, Miami at night.

Miami, USA
One of the first destinations to pick itself in any travel list is Miami. Miami is considered to be the place where the sexiest people on the planet live. From its neon-lit SoBe parties to its outstanding history and culture, Miami really knows how to fascinate and entertain its visitors. If you’re in the mood for some wild partying and celebrity spotting, all you need to do is become a part of the elite South Beach nightlife scene. And if you’re looking for something different, there are plenty of discount margaritas, sandwich joints, dive bars, fusion restaurants and rooftop pools to choose from.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is another destination that has become immensely popular as a spring break destination thanks to the cheaper airline prices, the exotic clubs and lively casinos that dot its streets. You can delight yourselves in one of the many white-sand beaches, golf courses and malls throughout the day and party in its casinos, nightclubs and bars through the night. VineVera recommends you to try out the Beach House Hotel, a beautiful property that boasts of having a private beach and offers exciting activities such as live DJs on weekends and night-time film screenings.