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Whistler, Canada

Tips for Taking a Summer Getaway to Whistler, Canada

Thinking of taking a summer getaway to Whistler, Canada? You’re in for quite the vacation. There is so much to see and do that you could easily stay entertained every day of your trip, especially if you’re into enjoying the great outdoors. So where exactly are you supposed to start when you’re ready to make plans? The following are some tips for planning a getaway to Whistler this summer.

Inushuk at Whistler

Be Open-Minded
When you’re planning your trip to Whistler, be open-minded to things you haven’t done before, even activities that might scare you a bit. For example, rather than immediately passing up on zip-lining, bungee jumping, or paddle boarding, consider giving them a try. Yes, it will likely require you to get out of your comfort zone, but the experience could be worth it.

Take A Helicopter Tour
It’s one thing to see Whistler from the ground, but it’s a whole different experience and adventure when you get to see it from the air. It’s a breathtaking area, and taking a helicopter tour could give you a great perspective and allow you to see all the natural beauty for miles.

Ask For Recommendations
Put the word out on social media that you’re considering a trip to Whistler, Canada and ask for recommendations about what to see and where to go. Whether you just ask family and friends or you ask strangers as well, you could get a lot of good feedback and ideas that you may not have been able to otherwise get.

Hiker near Lake Garibaldi

Take A Hike
There are a plethora of different hiking trails in and around Whistler, and going for a hike on one is a great way to get out and explore nature. Don’t worry if hiking usually isn’t an activity you do. There are trails ranging from beginner to advanced, so make sure to do some research beforehand to choose the trail that best suits your skill level.

Plan A Food Tour
There are so many great restaurants to visit in and around Whistler that it’s a must to try at least some of them. Plan a food tour that involves trying at least one new eatery a day during your trip. Before you go, don’t forget to read reviews of each restaurant to see if it’s likely to be worth the visit, and also, peruse through the restaurant’s website to see if they require reservations.

Pack the Right Clothing
It can be warm during the day in Whistler, Canada during the summer, but it may be on the chilly side at night, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Pack the right clothing especially if you’re going to go out in the evening as well. You’ll also want to ensure that you have the proper clothes for whatever activities you’re planning on doing, such as going to a formal restaurant or going white water rafting.

The summer is a great time to visit Whistler, Canada, and the best part is that there are plenty of package deals that you can do that could help you save quite a bit of money. The more planning and research you do ahead of time, the more you can increase your chances of having a fantastic and budget-friendly trip.