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This year marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation in Canada, so it's time to pay homage to the fabulous country and its rich history. Even if you can't make it to Canada, there's no reason you still can't celebrate! Near

Located in Alberta, Canada, Elk Island National Park was created in 1906, is completely enclosed, is approximately 74.9-square-miles, and was the first wildlife sanctuary in Canada. It has such a rich history and has made a significant positive impact on

If you're interested in viewing the Northern Lights and you're heading to Edmonton, there's a chance you may be able to see one of nature's best shows, but it might require a little road trip. Light pollution makes it a

The Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada runs from February 10 – 20, 2017, but has been around for decades and attracts over 100,000 visitors. The festival consists of a whole variety of family-friendly activities that are ideal for

Christmas will be here before you know it, but you still have plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit and attend a plethora of holiday events if you're in Calgary, Canada. From theatrical performances to gorgeous light displays,

If you've never been to the Greater Vancouver Zoo in British Columbia, Canada, this article might inspire you to visit the 120-acre zoo that's wonderful for those of any age. Established on August 20, 1970, the zoo is open all