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Choosing Books For Your Labor Day Staycation

Labor Day will be here before you know it—September 4—marking the unofficial end of summer. Many people go away for the holiday especially since Labor Day is on a Monday which allows for a 3-day weekend, but if you’re planning on keeping it local, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading. Considering how many great books there are out there, how are you supposed to narrow down your options for which ones to read? The following are just some of the ways you can get some ideas for what books to read during your Labor Day staycation.

Visit the History Section
Labor Day is essentially a day that pays homage to American workers including those who have gotten us to where we are today, their contributions, successes, and struggles. It took a lot for those of the past to get us to this point. There are many history books that touch on these subjects, so consider using your staycation as an opportunity to learn more about what some inspirational workers of the past and present have gone through.

Peruse Through Beach Reads
Before the summer comes to a close, catch up on that beach read that you were meaning to get through during the previous few months but never got a chance to read. It’s an ideal way to punctuate the end of summer and finish off the season on a positive note.

Ask for Recommendations
Need some ideas for new books to read for your Labor Day staycation? Reach out on social media and ask those on your accounts for some ideas. Chances are you’ll get more than a few recommendations, and at least once you pick one or two new ones to dive into you’ll have many more titles to add to your “must read” list.

vine vera banner presesnts Choosing Books For Your Labor Day Staycation

Check Your Bookshelves
Your Labor Day staycation book may be as close as your bookshelves. We all have at least a few books that we bought and just never read but meant to. Peruse through your bookshelves and pick out one that you have yet to read and get started.

Grab a Classic
Are there classics that you never got a chance to read but you’ve heard great things? Use your Labor Day staycation as an opportunity to read a classic that’s been on your list for quite a long time so you can judge for yourself and form your own opinion about the book.

Ask for Advice
Those who work in libraries and bookstores tend to know a thing or two about books, so who better to ask for suggestions than those who have a passion for books and are around them on a daily basis? Let them know the type of books you typically gravitate toward and they’ll be able to offer up some suggestions to you for what you should consider reading.

Keep a list of books that you’re considering reading during your Labor Day staycation. Whatever you don’t have a chance to read you could always pick up during the rest of the year so you have plenty of options!