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Easy Changes to Make Travel Simpler

Traveling can be a fun way to get out and go on an adventure, experiencing new and exciting things. It can also be a chance to get away from the stresses of life and have a real opportunity to relax and pamper yourself. Sometimes, it can be a necessity due to your job. Other times, it might be necessary to attend family functions and see people you care about who live far away. Sometimes it can be a mix of any or all of those! But one thing’s for certain: in this day and age, you’re probably going to find yourself traveling at some point in your life, quite probably multiple times. When you do travel, it can be as stressful as it is fun and exciting, and things like packing, dealing with airports, and other travel-related hassles can be incredibly difficult.

This is precisely why Vine Vera put together this simple but useful list of travel hacks to simplify your next journey, so get reading and take notes, especially if you have a trip coming up, because we’re about to make things a lot easier on you.

Woman with her carry-on luggage in an airport

Pack Essentials In Carry-On
Keep essentials such as a couple changes of socks and underwear and some miniature toiletries in your carry-on luggage just in case? Why? Because in the unlikely event that your checked luggage is misplaced and you have to wait ages to get it back, you’ll at least have what you need to survive a few days.

Don’t Fall for Sneaky Business Practices
Ever heard a strange rumor that airlines and hotels increase their prices on you when you look at their site multiple times? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually true for some companies. They use cookies to track your visits to their site, and figure that if you visit many times, you’re probably interested and willing to pay more. To avoid falling victim to this quite frankly shady and unfair tactic, clear your browser’s history and cookies before you book your flight and/or hotel. If you’re somewhat tech savvy and don’t want to delete all your history and cookies, you can also accomplish this end by using a sand-boxed browser every time you look up prices, as well as when you order.

Flight departure board at the airport.

Book Early…Or at the Very Last Minute
It’s fairly common knowledge that airplane tickets increase in price as the date draws closer to the flight’s departure, but did you know that they also tend to slash their prices to ridiculously low levels just before the departure date? We recommend booking far in advance if possible, but if you don’t manage to do that—or are just a born risk-taker—you can always gamble on there being seats left at the last minute for incredibly cheap. Just remember: it is a gamble, and all the seats could be gone if you wait too long.

Fill Those Shoes
Bringing more shoes than the one pair that’s on your feet when you leave? Stuff them with socks and underwear to make use of that space. Just think about it; your shoes have all this precious empty space inside when you’re feet aren’t in them, and space is at a premium when you’re packing.