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Summer may be the most popular time of the year to take an elegant European Vacation, but that doesn't make it the only good time—or even the best. Today, Vine Vera would like to make a case for winter trips to

We all know the usual thanksgiving routine. The whole extended family gathers in one family member or others' home, everybody brings great food, gives thanks for what they're grateful for, and enjoys a feast together with loved ones. That's all well

Tradition dictates that thanksgiving is something you do at home. You gather the family together at your own house or a relative's, depending on who's hosting this year, the host cooks up a feast and everyone brings their own dishes

[caption id="attachment_1019" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] /[/caption] Portland, Oregon is a city known for many things, and one of them is food. The breadth and depth of restaurant selection in the city is nigh-unparalleled, with everything from laid-back tapas pubs to

Few, if any cities on the west coast are as iconic, scenic, and fun as San Francisco. Boasting breathtaking views, clean air, and greenery everywhere (have you ever been to a big city with almost no potted plants? It's very

Vine Vera loves to examine fun places to visit, live in, and vacation in. Travel can be quite a lovely thing, and the memories you make experiencing new and exciting things far from home will last a lifetime, bringing you

Sunshine can be wonderful. It may be something you have to be wary of and take measures to protect your skin against, lest you end up with cumulative effects of sun damage causing wrinkling, discoloration, or even skin cancer, but

City life tends to be notorious for the hustle and bustle, with city dwellers living life at a hectic, breakneck pace, always moving, constantly tired, stressed, weary, and endlessly busy. But who says that's the way it always has to

Whether you want a refreshing vacation away from it all, or idea for a place to move to for long term healthier living, understanding what makes a place healthy to spend time in and learning where on the planet might

Right now, all across the northern hemisphere, crops are being harvested or very soon will be. The seeds that were lovingly sown in the earth in summer are now maturing and offering their bounty to those noble souls who make