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Guy’s Weekend in Vegas


So you’re planning a guy’s weekend in Vegas and you’re looking for some tips on how to plan the perfect trip and advice on what you should do. Las Vegas has so many different activities that there’s something for everyone, but it’s just a matter of finding what is of interest to you and the rest of the guys you’re traveling with. Ready to get planning? Check out the following info and let’s get started.

Go to a Steakhouse
There are so many incredible steakhouses in Vegas that it’s really a shame if you don’t experience at least one of them. Don’t hesitate to get the biggest steak available and enjoy every bite of it.

Rent a Car or Limo
You’re probably thinking that you’ll just take a cab wherever you go, but if you rent a car or limo for the night, it could be a lot less hassle. Besides, you’re in Vegas, so what better time to live it up a bit and get driven around for the night in a car or limo. Ask the hotel for a company recommendation; chances are they can even call for you and set it up.

Stratosphere, Vegas

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Do Something for an Adrenaline Rush
We’re not talking about doing anything illegal and/or stupid and/or doing something that could ruin your relationship if you’re in one. There are plenty of things around Vegas that could give you a nice adrenaline rush and may even help you check things off your bucket list. For example, you could do the Stratosphere Tower SkyJump. Besides, doing something as a group may make all of you less likely to back out.

Look Into Package Deals
There are so many package deals available for those who are visiting Vegas. There are even limo companies that will help you set up tours. Depending on where you want to go and how much you can spend, it could end up being worth it to book a package deal.

Consider Bars Over Clubs
When it comes to deciding where to get drinks, there are many who head right for the clubs. However, bars could work out to be cheaper, not to mention you likely won’t have a problem getting in.

 PH Towers Westgate Pool, Vegas

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Visit a Pool
It can get crazy hot in Vegas, so what better way to cool off than to go to a pool? From Mirage to the MGM Grand, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Here’s the deal, however. The pools can get crowded, and most people aren’t going to want to go from standing to swimming and back to standing. They’re going to want to sit down which means lounge chairs are coveted. You may be better off getting a cabana. Yes, you’ll have to pay for it, but it could definitely be worth it.

Head to a Spa
You may be surprised how much you could get out of going to a spa even during a guy’s weekend in Vegas. From a gentleman’s facial to a massage, you could walk out of the spa feeling like a brand new man. It may even encourage you to visit spas more when you get back home.

This pretty much needs to be said in regards to the guy’s weekend in Vegas. Don’t be that guy. You probably already know the one we’re talking about, the one who gets in fights, urinates into a cup in the middle of a crowded street, vomits all over everyone, argues with the cops, etc. Typically these actions are the result of drinking too much, so have a great time, just make sure to keep yourself in check.