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Hitting the Beaches in Panama

Beach in Panama

The dead of winter can be a bit depressing. If the constant cold weather and seemingly endless dark days have you dreaming of the sun and sand, you aren’t alone. The islands of Panama offer gorgeous tropical beaches full of pristine sand and picture-perfect water. Whether you are looking to enjoy the sun, catch some waves or explore local cultures, there is something to look forward to at one of Panama’s incredible beaches.

Comarca Kuna Yala
When it comes to the beaches of Panama, Comarca Kuna Yala is the beach to be. More than 350 islands scattered off of the Caribbean coast provide picturesque beaches full of powdery white sand, incredible turquoise blue water, palm trees and amazing coral reefs. Visiting Comarca Kuna Yala also gives you a glimpse into the colorful life of the indigenous Kuna population. Step into the culture and stay in some of the rustic lodging available on the island. Comarca Kuna Yala is the perfect destination when all you want to do is get some sun, swim and enjoy an unparalleled beach experience. One thing to note is that Comarca Kuna Yala does not allow scuba diving, but the beach offers so much relaxation and tranquility that you won’t miss diving.

Isla Coiba National Park beach.

Isla Coiba National Park
If you do want to enjoy some of the incredible underwater sites, then Isla Coiba National Park is the perfect beach for you. Isla Coiba National Park is considered to be the number one diving location in Panama. In addition to the wonderful diving opportunities, Isla Coiba National Park boasts the allure of the jungle, which is located just beyond the beaches.

Las Perlas Archipelago
Las Perlas Archipelago is located quite close to Panama City, but despite the proximity to the city, this beach provides visitors a tropical oasis. The Pearl Islands aren’t often thought of as the “it” beaches, but they offer white sand, calm waters and word-class snorkeling. One of the biggest draws of Las Perlas Archipelago is that outside of the holidays and the middle of summer, these beaches tend not to be crowded meaning that you can find true relaxation here.

If you are looking for a warm, sunny and relaxing beach vacation, then Panama is the perfect place for you. Each of the above beaches offer different reasons to visit, but they all are beautiful spots for sun, sand and relaxation.