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Most Tranquil Destinations Around the World – Vine Vera Reviews

The health benefits that certain tranquil destinations have to offer has been well-documented by experts around the world. The serene environment and calm atmosphere work wonders in helping us relieve stress, which ensures that we refresh and rejuvenate our mind and body. Visiting these tranquil destinations is always something that you can feel good about. The concepts of peace may be difficult to define and measure, but Vine Vera believes that a trip to the following destinations should always rank among the most serene and peaceful holidays of your life.

Woman reading a book while floating in the Dead Sea, Israel.

The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, or the Salt Sea, is famous as the lowest elevation on dry land. It is located approximately 423 meters below the sea level and is known to offer an amazingly quiet and peaceful environment to its visitors. The healing water and the fresh air led to the development of the first health resort of the world in the area and people from all over the globe come here not only for holidays, but also to deal with their skin and health issues. The Dead Sea offers proven benefits in terms of skin problems and even the strong sun isn’t as harmful here. Since the sea is full of salt, it might be impossible to enjoy a swim, but one can easily float in the water, an activity that people never seem to get tired of. So instead of being satisfied with using Dead Sea mud on your skin, why not take a trip to the Dead Sea itself. Apart from all the skin benefits, you should also be able to reduce your stress levels!

Breathtaking views of the Utaklev Beach, Lofoten islands, Norway

The people of Norway have immense respect for their environment and this is clearly evident when one visits this fascinating country. Norway might be most famous for being one of the coldest places on the planet, but it has so much more to offer. World class cities such as Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo are not only immensely beautiful, they also offer a fantastic cultural experience. From exciting nightlife to enjoyable day tours, nothing is amiss when you travel to Norway. In order to experience the very best of what Norway has to offer, visit one of the many national parks found here. And there are always those luxury ski resorts, fantastic beaches and gigantic waterfalls to choose from.

The Milford Sound fjord in South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand finds a place in most lists of tranquil and beautiful destinations around the world. Visiting the country gives you an idea why the makers decided to film all “Lord of the Rings” movies here. Despite being relatively small, New Zealand is full of things to see and do. It is considered to be extremely picturesque, with blue lakes, ice glaciers, majestic mountains and fascinating oak trees waiting to be discovered. The country doesn’t fall short on cosmopolitan delights, but the best New Zealand experience is always enjoyed in its more secluded areas. Vine Vera recommends you to get a taste of both worlds while in New Zealand – spend some time amid the peace and quiet and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty, but dedicate some portions of your itineraries to world class cities such as Christchurch and Auckland as well.

The Rio Celeste Waterfall in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica, one of the newest travel destinations to burst onto the international travel scene, attracts millions of tourists with its stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches and exciting cuisine. It is the perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday which totally revolves around swimming, drinking, eating and having fun. For adventure lovers, Costa Rica also offers a vast array of activities such as fishing, snorkeling and surfing.

Caucasian woman on wooden swing in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Koh Phangan, Thailand
Places like Bangkok and Koh Samui might take away all the credit, but Koh Phangan is the place to be if you’re really looking for some peace and quiet. This tranquil destination is full of white sand beaches, fascinating jungle explorations, swaying palm trees and fresh juices. The island also boasts of a delightful surrounding and a cool vibe. VineVera recommends you to plan your itineraries to be able to enjoy the Full Moon Parties that are held every month. These parties are one of the main reasons behind the island’s popularity and appeal, and they certainly rank among the most exotic beach parties on the planet. And if you’re not a huge fan of beach parties, lots of sunscreen and your bathing suits are the only things you need to refresh yourself while on the island.