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Top Detox Vacations

Vacations are usually a good way to relax, decompress, or have some fun and excitement. For as great as they can be, though, they do sometimes drain a person (particularly the exciting, action-packed kind of vacations, although even relaxing vacations can be somewhat draining due to stress, flying, and other factors), which can take a toll on your body and your skin.

But we’re not here to talk about regular vacations today. In fact, we’re going to talk about a specific type of vacation that should have entirely the opposite¬†effect on your body and skin. Specifically, we’re going to talk about detox vacations: vacations that will help you cleanse your body of pollutants and toxins, meaning instead of coming back in a worse state physically (though hopefully still a better state mentally), you’ll be coming back with a revitalized body that’s ready to take on all manner of challenges.

What Exactly Does That Mean, Though?
The idea of a detox vacation might be new to some, and sound a bit odd. You might wonder what exactly the term means, or what you can expect to be doing. Even if you’re already familiar with the idea of detoxification, dedicating a vacation to it might seem odd.

As a refresher (or a brief intro if you’re entirely new to the concept of detox), detoxification is the practice of removing harmful toxins from your body and skin. Doing so can potentially promote better healing, positive mood, improved digestion, and of course, clearer, more even, radiant and softer skin.

A detox vacation, then, means setting out on a trip with the specific aim of cleansing your body of these harmful pollutants and toxins. This can mean going to a dedicated detox spa, but today we’ll be focusing on vacations that immerse you in natural, soothing environments that will help your body reset and cleanse itself. Often, a new sense of perspective alone can positively impact your health by strengthening your mood.

Woman in a jungle tour.

Deep Jungle Tour
Want to get far away from the world of electronic distractions and busy schedules, somewhere full of life and energy where you can immerse yourself in dense greenery and incredible biodiversity? Head to a jungle, tropical rain forest, or temperate rain forest (temperate rain forests exist in places like Washington state) and look for guided tours. With a tour guide, you’ll be able to safely explore and loose yourself in awe and appreciation of the abundant life around you. Being in a place like this can truly be life-changing, and the nu-polluted air will do wonders for your skin.

Woman backpacking

Go Backpacking
Want to really get in touch with nature? Camping is great, but for as nice as it can be to be able to bring many of the conveniences of home with you (or at least good food you actually have room to carry because it’s in your car), those very modern conveniences can keep you from fully connecting with the world around you. Instead, try backpacking, the practice of hiking out on a trail, carrying everything you need in a backpack, and spending a night or a few nights deep in the wilderness, far away from anywhere you can reach by car.

Woman snorkeling.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving
If you need a renewed sense of perspective and a respect for the beauty of life, the ocean is a great place to turn to. Going snorkeling over a coral reef will let you witness a stunning level of biodiversity, and witnessing a world so vibrant and alien to you can be an eye-opening experience.