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Vine Vera and Wine – Part 1

If you’re a fan of sipping wine and traveling to fun new areas to relax and enjoying new and interesting sights and experiences, a wine-tasting, vineyard-hopping vacation might be just what you need in your life! A fun, exciting way to organize and plan a vacation that revolves around visiting as many different vineyards as you can, and tasting a variety of yummy wines straight from the source!

And if you’re also a Vine Vera customer, or if you’ve never tried our products, but want to use us as an elaborate excuse for a vineyard-hopping vacation, why not include some Vine Vera stores on your itinerary? Hop from vineyards to Vine Vera store to more vineyards, and you’ll not only taste great wine, get to shop for fantastic skincare products, and get to check out fun and interesting attractions along the way, you’ll also, by combining wine-tasting and visiting us, get an experience that exemplifies Vine Vera’s vision and inspiration, which is the use of resveratrol, the superpowered antioxidant found in red wine, to make our ultra high-quality skincare collections.

Since we have stores all over the country, we’re going to break this up into three parts. Today, we’re looking at California stores.

Sonoma Valley

First Stop: Sonoma Valley
If you’re heading to California (or even if you already live there and have just never been), you have to check out Sonoma Valley. It’s often overlooked in favor of Napa Valley, which is basically its next-door-neighbor, but it’s really a shame it’s so often overlooked, because the quality and variety of scenic vineyards you’ll find here easily rivals its more famous neighbor. In addition to the beautiful landscape and vineyards, you’ll find top-rated hotels and restaurants all over the valley, so you’ll sleep and eat well, to boot.

Vine Vera San Francisco

Next Stop: California Store in San Fransisco, CA
Yes, we know Napa Valley is just a little bit east of Sonoma, but both valleys are also just around 70 miles north of San Fransisco, so we recommend heading there next to break up the vineyard exploration a bit.

While you’re visiting our California store, check out the city itself! San Fransisco is famous for sights like Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more. There’s a collection of varied and fascinating museums in the area, and you’ll find all kinds of tasty food and bountiful shopping in the city.

Napa Valley

Third Stop: Napa Valley
Once you’ve had your fill of clam chowder and stocked up on all your favorite Vine Vera essentials, head up north again to the famous Napa Valley. Here you’ll find not only vineyards galore—which, by the way, produce over 50 different varietals of wine within the valley alone, meaning you’ll not exactly be missing out on variety here—but there’s also several caverns to explore in the area, if you’re feeling adventurous (we recommend looking for a guided tour to stay safe). Stay awhile, look around, and do try a lot of wine; that’s what you’re here for, after all.

Vine Vera store in Santa Anita

Final Stop: Santa Anita Mall Store in Arcadia, CA
Our other Californian store is in the cozy town of Arcadia, on the outskirts of Los Angeles. In the city itself, you’ll find a couple interesting attractions like the Los Angeles County Arboetum and Botanic Garden. But hey, you’re so close to the main city, why not go a little farther in and see another iconic Californian city up close and personal? You’ll be on a roll after San Fran, so why stop? LA has a lot to do, including a whole lot of shopping options.