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Top Fall Destinations

Autumn is many things, a time of change, when the weather starts to transition from warm to cold and the landscape’s greens start to change to reds, yellows, and oranges (or at least the ones that aren’t evergreen). It’s a time of celebrations, both spooky and thankful. It’s a time of inspiration, when the beautiful multicolored landscapes inspire creativity. It’s also, as it happens, an ideal time for travel.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. For one thing, depending on where you’re going, you can see a whole different side of the place owing to the changing colors of the deciduous trees and the like. For another, consider that many high-traffic tourist areas are busiest in the summer, and night vacant in the fall, so you can cut the crowds and get a more immersive and personal experience on your trip.

On that note, let Vine Vera take you through our list of some of the best places to travel in the fall.

Tuscany landscape during fall.

Tuscany, Italy
In summer, Tuscany is packed with tourists. While you can still get a full experience of Florence and the surrounding hillside towns (many of which still feel very medieval and charming) when they’re crowded, you can feel more leisurely and at peace in this locale in the autumn. Come taste the myriad fine wines Italy has to offer, admire renaissance art, and maybe go to a theater production, all without the crowds. If you have the time, we highly recommend you spend at least a day in Venice, too, as long as you’re in the country, and take an iconic gondola ride—again, without the hassle of crowds.

Colorado during fall.

Telluride, Colorado, U.S.A.
While you may never have heard of this particular Colorado mountain town, Telluride has a reputation for being one of the best places to admire fall foliage. Majestic mountains simply covered in deciduous trees await you, and if you go during the right time of the season, entire mountainsides will be orange and gold. Renting a place with a mountain view is a great way to appreciate the fall mountainsides, and hiking on mountain trails in autumn is simply enchanting.

Besides that, though, Telluride is also known as a hotspot for outdoor activities. If you’re a fan of mountain biking or want to try your hand at it or a number of local pastimes, it’s a great place to spend some time in.

Hawaii beach

Hawaii, U.S.A
It might seem odd to go to a tropical island chain in the fall, but if you’re a bit jaded to the beauty of fall as we experience it outside the tropics, you might enjoy hitting up any one of the Hawaiian islands and hiking through their tropical rainforests, visiting their awe-inspiring volcanoes, or walk on a stunning black sand beach (with shoes, preferably; they’re abrasive). And when you get back home, not only will you have had a lovely vacation, but the beauty of fall back where the deciduous trees grow might seem fresh and fun again.