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Best Detox Spas

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’re probably well aware of how relaxing it can be—and if you’ve never been to a spa, you definitely should. Not only that, but spa treatments help your skin a great deal, through cleaning, exfoliating, rejuvenation through massage, and much more. And when you go out for a spa day, you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, and wholly invigorated. After shedding all your pent up stress and tension, you’re ready to go rest, and attack the next day with fiery passion, and great skin, to boot!

Woman in a swimming pool.

Destination Spas
There’s probably at the very least a decent spa wherever you are that you can go to for relaxation and refreshment of body and mind, but if you really want the full spa experience, traveling to a destination spa—a spa that’s so great, people travel long-distance just to visit it for a relaxing vacation or mini-vacation—are where it’s at. Use that time off work you’ve saved up and treat yourself to something luxurious.

Remember Skin Detox?
Recently, Vine Vera’s been focusing on skin detox, and how important it is for keeping pollution and toxins from damaging your skin. How is this connected to spas? Well, as it turns out, there are spa-based vacations you can take that specifically help with detoxification. That’s why today, Vine Vera’s going to give you a few great ideas for skin detox vacations around the world.

Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, USA
This pristine resort with shimmering pools and well manicured lawns will immediately relax you just by the sight of it. It features things like infrared saunas, massages, bio-energy treatments, and other cleansing treatments. Amazingly, there are also counselors there who can help deal with hardships in your life by providing you with stress management, psychotherapy, and emotional counseling.

The Spa Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand
This little gem of a spa is tucked away in a small rural village in Thailand, and if you travel all the way out there to visit it, you’ll be in for a treat. The resort offers a delicious and healthful vegan and raw food restaurant to complement the detoxifying treatments you’ll get there, which is supplied from organic farm right on the spa property. Here, you’ll experience the serenity of daily meditation, Thai massage, yoga, a steam room, and opportunities for swimming and biking.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain
Considered one of the finest medical spas on the planet, this place has a sleek, modern appearance. All white marble and clear glass, this mostly-indoor spa building sits atop a hilltop with luxurious scenic views of the Sierra Helada Mountains and, off in the distance, the blue expanse of the Mediterranean sea. The spa itself features nutritional lectures and cooking classes (to ensure an all-around lifestyle change, and not just a temporary reprieve), heated indoor pools, flotarium, and a serene and beautiful indoor waterfall to set the tone for relaxation. They offer special detox programs where you’ll stay for a minimum of one week and meet with a doctor to design a custom detox program for your needs. Other options include botox, laser, acupuncture, mesotherapy, and cellular regeneration.