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Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s with a long-time partner or you’re on your fourth date with someone new, date night is a chance to do something with your date that you both enjoy (or, if it’s a group date, something you all enjoy), have fun, and hopefully get to know each other a little better, and maybe grow closer because of it, or deepen an already long-standing bond.

But at some point, your run out of ideas. It’s bound to happen, but it doesn’t need to mean boring, cliché dates you’ve been on a million times already. Vine Vera has a few fresh, fun, and exciting date night options that will be sure to give you something to look forward to next time date night rolls around.

Slow dancing

Learn to Dance
Dancing with an established romantic partner or potential love interest can be a really exciting endeavor, but you can only do so much simple, boring slow-dancing before you get the urge to spice things up a little. If that sounds about right, consider taking a couples dancing class. Many studios offer beginner classes for couples, and if anyone involved is feeling embarrassed to be learning to dance in from of other people, you could always ask about private lessons.

Pillow fight

Be Fun and Random
Poise, etiquette, and convention are all well and good, but are they always necessary? There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun, and sometimes that’s exactly what you might need to get things going. Find out what random, miscellaneous interests you and your date share—anything from foosball to mini golf to old arcade games—and do a bunch of them together in one evening. You can also alternate things that you like and they like; do one activity you enjoy, then one that your partner enjoys, etc., etc. Not only will you have tons of fun goofing off and doing “silly” things together, you’ll learn a lot about your partner’s interests you may not have known before!

Wine tasting

Go Wine Tasting
There are a few ways to go about this. If you’re lucky enough to live near a vineyard, what are you waiting for? Get over there and sample some fine wine! If you’re not so lucky, though, you could go to a nice pub with a fair selection of wines, order some snacks and several glasses of different tasty varietals, and get sipping. Alternatively, head to the store and pick up an assortment of bottles, and maybe some tasty cheese and crackers to go with them, and have at it!

Movie night

Have a Movie Night
There are lots of ways to have a romantic date watching a movie. Of course you can always go with the old standby of just hitting a local movie theater, but if you want to get more creative, you have options. You could pick a movie that has one or more sequels and have a marathon on your own couch, pop some popcorn, and enjoy hanging out in the comfort and privacy of your own home (which is always great in case you want to snuggle while watching), or you could look for interesting options like outdoor movie projections (it exists! Some cities will have regular events at public parks where they project movies for you to watch in a serene outdoor setting) or a drive in theater, to put a fun spin on an otherwise pedestrian date idea.