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The Best Mother-Daughter Vacation Destinations – Vine Vera Reviews

Mothers and daughters share a bond that can become extremely strong or end up becoming unglued when they travel together. You’re probably all too aware that the destination you travel to plays a huge role in shaping up your holiday experience. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Vine Vera decided to feature some of the best destinations around the world for the perfect mother-daughter vacation. Each of these destinations can offer something really special and ensure that your bond with your mom becomes stronger than ever before.

Machu Picchu, Peru.

For the architecture lover mom – Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, is known to offer an experience unlike any other. A tour to Machu Picchu has been a dream for most architecture lovers and the surreal sights in store for you never seem to disappoint. The lost city is considered to be the greatest attraction of South America and its beautifully preserved aura of magic and mystery ensures that the city lives up to all sorts of expectations. Despite being located just four hours from Cusco, the ancient terraces, temples, aqueducts, gardens, constructions and staircases make you feel as if you’re no longer on planet earth.

National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, London.

For the fashion loving mom – London
London, one of the greatest cities on the planet, has something special in store for all sorts of travelers. It boasts of a fascinating history, an amazing culture, a beautiful lifestyle and some of the most appealing sights on the planet. However, when it comes to fashion, London is truly the place to be. The city is home to fashion brands from all over the world and always offers an unparalleled shopping experience. It also hosts the London Fashion Week, one of the most iconic fashion shows on the planet, and is home to some of the most popular fashion bloggers and street style stars in the world. While in London, don’t forget to have traditional afternoon tea at Downton Abbey and explore popular attractions such as the Big Ben, Harrods, Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum. 

Sunrise views of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For the party freak mom – Amsterdam
Very few cities manage to combine modern flair with ancient history the way Amsterdam manages to. Amsterdam can be cozy and unnerving as well as peaceful and exciting at the same time. There is always a sense of time coming to a complete halt the moment you enter this fascinating city. For the party lovers, the city offers all sorts of nightclubs, cafes, bars, live music venues and nightclubs which are bound to suit all sorts of preferences and palettes. The groovy atmosphere also helps in setting the tone for one of the most exciting and happening holidays of your life.

A world-famous shipwreck and a beautiful beach in Zante, Greece.

For the beach bum mom – Greece
Greece is famous for hosting some of the best beaches in the world. Any ideal island adventure requires a few ingredients – silky soft sand, beautiful waters, the perfect weather and breathtaking natural beauty – and Greece has an abundance of all such factors. A trip to Greece always makes you feel as if you’ve entered a parallel world, if only for a couple of days. With countless beaches and islands to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that’s just perfect either. Some of the hottest beaches to look forward to while in Greece include the Iguana Beach, Kalathos, Velanio, Kanali Beach and Dunes Beach.

The Louvre Museum, Paris

For the art enthusiast mom – Paris
Paris, the city of love, is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower and is also considered to be one of the capitals of fashion. However, it is equally popular as an outstanding art destination that is home to unique pieces of art which cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet. The most obvious attraction for art lovers is The Louvre Museum. The Louvre is home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (perhaps the most famous artwork in the world) and also hosts masterpieces created by grandmasters such as Canova, Delacroix, Bernini, Michelangelo and Caravaggio. Other art museums worth visiting include Musee d’Orsay, Rodin Museum, Petit Palais and Musee du Luxembourg.

Two Zebra stallions fighting in the Etosha National Park, Namibia

For the nature lover mom – African Safari
African safaris have truly managed to step up their game over the past few years. They were always considered to be one of the most amazing wildlife watching opportunities on the planet, and now they also rank as one of the most luxurious ones. Take your mom for a life-changing experience and help her tick off one item from her bucket list. Some of the best and most luxurious African safaris include Mahali Mzuri, Chinzombo and the Four Seasons Safari Lodge.