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No one knows how the base tan concept first gained popularity, but it seems as if almost everyone contemplates getting one before going for that sun-kissed vacation today. The myth about base tans states that getting a base tan before

If things were perfect, we’d all boast of flawless-looking skin. However, very few of us are actually that lucky. Some of us enjoy that flawless look, while most of us end up with complex skin issues and oily or dry

It’s a jungle out there, confusion everywhere! Choosing family vacation spots is never cool, but we're in charge here. Family-friendly resorts offer travelers all sorts of options and amenities so that the parents can relax while the kids entertain themselves. The

Those time-travel movies might make you dream of having access to a time machine that lets you travel back in time to explore the fascinating beauty that some of the historic destinations are famous for. However, you don’t need a

Mothers and daughters share a bond that can become extremely strong or end up becoming unglued when they travel together. You’re probably all too aware that the destination you travel to plays a huge role in shaping up your holiday

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it might make sense to think beyond those typical gifts and flowers. After all, simple gifts are never enough to show the most important person of your life just how much you care,

Most Americans look at Cinco de Mayo as an opportunity to enjoy margaritas, tequilas and Mexican food. However, Cinco de Mayo is so much more than that. Vine Vera helps you understand all you need to know about Cinco de

If you’ve ever had an experience in an unfriendly city or have struggled with your belongings in a crowded metro in a foreign location, you would be well aware that locals can end up being rather unfriendly to tourists in