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Coolest Family Vacation Spots – Vine Vera Reviews

It’s a jungle out there, confusion everywhere! Choosing family vacation spots is never cool, but we’re in charge here.

Family-friendly resorts offer travelers all sorts of options and amenities so that the parents can relax while the kids entertain themselves. The ever-increasing competition and the tremendous increase in the demand for family-friendly destinations has led to resorts upping the ante when it comes to entertainment – from unique classes to real-life activities, from dolphin adventures to all sorts of sports – the options are truly endless. To make things simpler, Vine Vera brings you a lowdown on some of the coolest family vacation spots in the US. So stop worrying and start packing.

Orlando skyline.

Orlando is a land of opportunity when it comes to family friendly attractions and adventures. It offers a thrilling itinerary which is full of exotic resorts, Disney amusements, dinosaurs and roller coasters. The Walt Disney World is the perfect place to rediscover the child in you while entertaining the kids around you. And SeaWorld is where you see Shamu the Dolphin soar to stunning heights and perform incredible flips. A trip to Orlando simply proves that age is just a number.

New York Skyline at night.

New York
The countless zoos, landmarks and museums in and around New York make it perfect for families and people of all ages. From taking the kids to the FAO Schwarz to paying a tribute to the lady clad in green by boating all the way up to her island, from enjoying a picnic in Central Park to riding an Empire State Building elevator to the top of the world, you really don’t need a second invitation to visit New York. Another must-see attraction while in New York is the American Museum of Natural History. It attracts kids with its iconic dinosaur displays and the humongous blue whale model which has been suspended from the ceiling.

London might seem to be proud and haughty, but it always provides an irresistible combination of a fast-paced lifestyle, mysterious aura, incredible history and a thrilling atmosphere. It takes some time to understand the city, but once she opens herself up, she really makes you feel at home. Gawk at the city from your very own London Eye booth or discover the pomp of the Buckingham Palace. Explore the ghoulish Tower of London through a Yeoman Warder tour or visit the most famous store in the world. Watch a show in Shakespeare’s Globe or enjoy a pleasant boat ride of the River Thames. The city always has something to take you for a spin.

The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy.

The sights and surroundings of Rome are bound to impress bored teenagers and over-enthusiastic pre-teens, while leaving the parents longing for more. The Italian capital always offers an unparalleled experience which has something for everyone, irrespective of their age or their preference. The history and architectural beauty makes Rome one of the most exotic destinations on the planet and the thousands of artistic wonders makes it easy to differentiate the locals from the tourists – the tourists can almost always be seen wearing expressions of complete amazement, disbelief and wonderment.

National Museum, Barcelona

The perfect combination of climate, beaches, culture, history and architectural beauty makes Barcelona one of the top family-friendly destinations on the planet. Gaudi’s astonishing creations amaze people of all ages while the wonders of La Rambla keep you entertained for days. The city has a fairy tale feel to it and there’s no doubt that wandering along its hidden squares and alleys can provide a thrill unlike any other. Goth lovers will fall in love with Barri Gotic and chocolate lovers simply cannot miss out on those churros. And don’t forget to learn more about the Grandmaster himself at the Musee Picasso.

San Diego Skyline

San Diego
Fierce animals, beautiful beaches and world famous attractions are just some of the things that draw families to San Diego. Hotels in San Diego sell like hotcakes due to the presence of attractions such as Legoland, San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, and the perfect weather and breathtaking coastlines team up to ensure that travelers never feel like leaving the city. Add mouth-watering cuisines and a thriving nightlife into the equation, and you’d be able to discipline the most rebellious teenager simply by promising them a trip to San Diego.